Work with me


I've entered the freelancing world and am keen to work on anything and everything! Here's a bit of an idea of my freelancing goals. Keen to work with me? Drop me a line: Lara Wyatt,

And here's how my career journey has progressed so far:

Straight out of university I took a job as a credit administrator to experience working in a busy and demanding environment. A year later I was (figuratively) knocking on Parkside Media's door wanting a job in their advertising department — but I got one better! 

A role was created for me within the editorial department where I was involved with doing anything and everything to help out the editors of the company's titles: NZV8NZ Performance CarNew Zealand Classic CarThe Photographer’s Mail, and D-Photo.

I was also heavily involved in getting their website, The Motorhood, off the ground, and quickly found myself as the digital editor. Just months into this endeavour, I was offered the role of the editor of D-Photo (as well as editor of the broadsheet The Photographer’s Mail) — a lifelong dream of mine was to become a magazine editor, so this was an absolute thrill at the age of 23 to be given that opportunity! Flash forward a couple of years, and I'm incredibly proud of the magazines I have created and have enjoyed the writing aspect of the job, which is something I absolutely have a passion for. 

With my desire to always achieve above and beyond, I have found myself assisting in creating the company's digital strategy. This sees me involved in guiding the direction that the company takes in this ever-changing digital landscape. I enjoy learning all of the new platforms and technologies out there and using them to reach company goals. 

A selection of my skills:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Subediting
  • Proofing
  • Content creation (online and print) 
  • Content marketing (online and print)
  • Digital marketing and strategy
  • Mailchimp (e-newsletter marketing)
  • Squarespace (website creation and usage) 
  • Gleam (competition creation platform)
  • Social media strategy
  • Facebook (ad creation, custom audiences, content creation, management)
  • Instagram (ad creation, content creation, management)
  • Administrative duties (data entry, email monitoring, etc)