Kickstarter Cluster: could you jump-start someone’s dream?

The term entrepreneur is a word that I associate with hope, creativity, excitement, and damn hard work. In this day and age where we have instant access to so much information, it’s fantastic that we can utilise the online world to explore the concept of crowdfunding.

Kickstarter is one of the crowdfunding websites that allows a user to explain and showcase their concept, whether it’s a film they want to produce, a fashion label they’re wanting to get off the ground, or a zine they’re trying to create, and if people love the idea they can get onboard and back the project financially.

One thing about Kickstarter is that the person who sets up the concept page states their goal target, and the end date to reach the target, and if the full amount of money is not pledged, the entrepreneur receives none of the money. On the other hand, if they hit their target and receive funds above and beyond that, they get to keep it all.

I recently did a quick trawl of Kickstarter to see what everyone’s working on at the moment, as it is always a great source of motivation seeing everyone be so creative, and here are a select few Kickstarters that I really love the idea of. Who knows, maybe you’ll love them too and want to back them to help the creators’ dreams come true.

Life HACS School Lessons

How many times since you left school have you wondered to yourself, Why didn’t this get taught at school? Julia Taylor-James from Christchurch, New Zealand has created a concept of an eight-part lesson programme that has been designed for students aged between 11 and 13 years of age, and it focuses on confidence, clarity, purpose, understanding, awareness, choice, and boundaries, plus plenty more. This programme is to be a first in a series, and the lessons are 20 minutes long and are presented in the form of a short film on each topic, accompanied by a workbook. The goal is to see students finish the programme with a better understanding of themselves and becoming happy, well-adjusted adults.

This Kickstarter needs to reach its goal target of $12,000 by February 6. If you think you can help, check out the project’s Kickstarter page here.

New Hood Inspired Streetwear Label


Image: Moana Quepasa, Kickstarter


As you can tell, I am all about supporting Kiwis in their endeavours, and the New Hood Inspired Streetwear Label project has been created by Moana Quepasa from Auckland. Moana is keen to start her own label — she’s already got the basics, such as sewing machines, patterns, etc., and now she needs the funds to get the label itself up and running.

At just 21 years old, she is hoping her future will see her working in the fashion industry, and she has the goal of expanding internationally as well as inspiring young entrepreneurs from lower-income communities to pursue their dreams. Her label KUJO Clothing is a high-end streetwear label based in South Auckland, and she is currently working out of a garage.

This project is asking for $2000 (for fabric, accessories, and pattern grading), and must reach the target by January 28, otherwise Moana won’t see the funds! Reckon you can help? Check out the Kickstarter page here.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for more Kickstarters, so keep an eye out on the Kickstarter Cluster column to see all the exciting projects I uncover!

Lara WyattComment