Roses, tomatoes, and a sister


This week it’s all about the little things that have made my week so special. It doesn’t take a hell of a lot to keep me happy really … well I’d like to think it doesn’t … and it’s still the little things that stand out to me as being the true happy bringers in my world.


Roses: I recently dropped in at my old family home, and I wanted to see if the Lara Rose that Zak saved had actually survived at all. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was absolutely thriving! New little shoots of the collapsed branch were forming, and there were so many rosebuds!


Tomatoes: So, we bought these plants (and I had every intention of watering them every morning and every night), except I am apparently not very good at remembering to give them the love and attention that they deserve. However, Zak is really good at that! And over the past few weeks he’s been bringing in harvests as big as this nearly every second day! They’re so sweet and tasty!


Sister: I’ve been spending heaps of time with Briar recently, and it’s been super lovely. We’ve gone on tonnes of walks and adventures, tried heaps of different food places, and done way too much shopping! It’s been fantastic!

Come back next week to see what has kept me going during the week!

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