Christmas trees, teapots, brown paper packaging, and blue skies


Blue skies

Summer is finally here, and I have been making the most of any second I have available to go and sit out in the sun and lap it up! The first extra nice weekend (weather-wise) we have had so far was spent in New Plymouth, and it could seriously not have been more perfect. We ventured to Mount Taranaki and plotted out which walks we could do the next time we visited, and we stopped off at various spots along the way, taking in the scenery, including Lake Mangamahoe — and that was an absolute treat! Check out these blue skies and the trees we were surrounded by at the top of one of the lookout points.


Refurbished teapot cabinet

Something else I've really enjoyed looking at over the past week has been my newly restored teapot cabinet. When we were clearing out the shed when we were moving in, we unearthed a cabinet that was given to my mum by her parents on her 21st birthday. It was in a pretty rough condition having been sitting in the dust-covered shed for years — it even had heavy-duty glue spilled all over it. So it was off to our favourite store at the moment, Mitre 10, to pick up some power tools and some varnish and we were away.  When I say we, I really mean Zak — he tidied up all my messy sanding patches, and sorted out all the varnishing. 


Brown paper packaging

After a little bit of focus being transferred from the Yarns shop to theYarns blog, everything was a wee bit quiet around here. But now that the focus has evened itself out a bit, I'm so excited to be packaging items up on a regular basis again, ready to be shipped off to their new homes! And now that all the plastic parcel bags have been used up (there are a few large ones left, but they won't be needed until winter time with all the massive jumpers!), I've taken to wrapping all my parcels with brown paper and they always look so cute!


Christmas tree 2016

And last but not least, this week I set our Christmas tree up! We were going to get a real tree this year, but we're hosting my sister's birthday at our place next weekend, and some of our guests are allergic to pine, so we had to put a hold on that until next year. I'm fine with that though, as this year's tree looks cute as a button. With every year that passes I introduce one new tree ornament — this year's one was from Typo and was a cute kitten hanging from a wreath. So adorable! 

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