Trains, books, coffees, chocolate, and weekly papers


The last week has been a real goodie! I've crammed in plenty of me time, which is something I always struggle to find — I even managed to sit down and use my face mask I was given for my birthday. In fact I used it five times in a week! Here's a few other things that have really helped to make this week a great one:


Public transport

So something must have changed over the last couple of months because there is now a train and bus combination that gets me right outside my office in time for the work day to begin. I've been giving the whole public transport thing a go and I absolutely love it. I've started to dread driving to work these days. There's just something super depressing about realising that you're wasting up to three hours per day sitting behind a wheel of a car, not being able to do anything at all except for staring at the crawling traffic in front of you. Such a waste of time. Now that I'm catching the train to work I get to read a lot and do some blog or work planning instead of being bored senseless in traffic.


The Girl in Times Square

One of the books that I have been inhaling on the train is The Girl in Times Square by Paullina Simons. I'd heard great things about other books that Simons has written, but this is another that I hadn't heard of but happened to stumble across at an opshop. It only took me about 10 pages to get hooked on this book. The main character is very likeable from the start. It's a 600-odd page book and I'm already a third of the way through, having only really started it about a week ago, so that's pretty good progress for me!


Time for Yarns and a coffee

To make sure I'm never late for work, or stressing about the remote chance of it, I always get an absurdly early train into town. I end up at a cafe by my work at least an hour prior to my official start time, so I settle in for an hour of coffee time and Yarns work time. It's so nice to start the day feeling like I have accomplished something for myself, so I'm not trying to squeeze in creative time when I get home from work in an exhausted state.


Bennetts' chocolate

I've gotten into a seriously bad (read: excellent) habit of buying myself a little bar of chocolate with my lunch purchase. I usually grab a salad from Farro next to my work, and there's always an array of Bennetts' chocolates to try. The feijoa is definitely my favourite, but I've tried nearly all of them now and I thoroughly recommend! 



This beauty of a newspaper has recently landed in Auckland, and it's published as a freebie that lands at various outlets throughout the city. I pick my weekly copy up at Britomart when I get off the train on Thursday morning. It's always an interesting read with plenty of news and interviews to keep me going through the bus ride up to work!

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