Where to watch movies without breaking the bank

There's nothing like heading out for the evening to watch the latest film on your to-watch list, but the costs involved in going to the theatre on a regular basis can make your love of movies an expensive interest. However, there are ways around this! I've hunted out a handful of ways to make sure you get a decent dose of film into your life without breaking the bank.


For a small monthly fee, you are not only spoiled for choice with a huge range of films, you also get heaps of TV series to devour. Currently I'm addicted to both Gilmore Girls and Jessica Jones and spending every evening on the couch with dinner, a drink, and an episode or 10 (or a film), is a super cheap date night.

Cheap [insert day of the week]

During the week there is usually a day where movie tickets at theatres, such as Event Cinemas and Hoyts, are significantly cheaper! Just rock up and pick your movie of choice and get a seat for a steal. Well worth the late school night!

Cinebuzz cheap deals

Event Cinemas has a reward scheme called Cinebuzz where you have a membership code that you use whenever you purchase tickets. Over time you accrue points that you can redeem for tickets in the future. Also, there's a Movies of the Week offer where every week a different movie has tickets for just $9 for Cinebuzz members only. Deal, right?

South Auckland's Hawkins Theatre

This one's pretty much my favourite! Practically just down the road from home lies the Hawkins Theatre. At any given time it could be the location of a dance show, a theatre show, a comedy show, even a panelist discussion, and these days it is also home to a variety of films! And they're a lot cheaper than you're regular movie theatre if you book your tickets in advance — even at the door they're pretty cheap! 

Movies in parks

In Auckland, we've got everything from movies at Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter, the Auckland Council–hosted Movies in Parks, open-air cinemas, plus many other outdoor movie theatre evenings. And they're all free! These events are great because a lot of the time they're flashback films; things like Back to the Future and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

All of you who live outside of Auckland, I'd love to hear what you've got in terms of community movie events! Just comment below. Otherwise, have you got alternative cheap ways to watch movies? Let me know!

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