Vegan wonderland: Tart Bakery

In case you're not entirely certain, vegan means not using or eating any products that contain any form of animal products. So that's meat, eggs, dairy products, fish sauce — the whole shebang. Although I'm not vegan myself, my sister is, so I have become well acquainted with the world of vegan food and products. I, too, get incredibly excited when I'm wandering the aisles of your usual supermarket, like New World or Countdown, and I stumble across an egg-free mayonnaise, or dairy-free cheese. It can be incredibly daunting for your everyday meat-eating citizen, or even vegetarian person, to get amongst veganism — you try browsing the meat-free and animal-free products and finding tofu and quorn and just instantly know what to do with it. It took me over an hour googling ‘how to cook tofu’ before I discovered just how simple (and actually tasty) it was.

There are a few outlets popping up all over the show now that are making veganism far more approachable, and one of these is Tart Bakery in Grey Lynn. It started out by providing both meat products as well as vegan-friendly items, but has recently transitioned to only serving vegan food — and the options are literally limitless.


Spinach and ‘cheese’ pie


They offer up all your typical bakery offerings, like filled rolls, slices, doughnuts, sausage rolls, and pies, but there is not a single animal in sight. They've even ventured into cronuts, and at Christmas time they offered vegan mince tarts! I can tell you my sister was stoked — and then devastated when our stepdad ate them all, and then stoked again when he went and bought replacements! Their filled rolls are made with such items as lemon ‘chicken’ and ‘ham’ — and I know you're a bit confused there, Winston, but they're soy-based products ... not real meat ... a very difficult to comprehend situation for you to cope with I am sure.

My personal favourite is pictured above — the spinach and ‘cheese’ pie. My goodness. Back in the day when they used to serve meat pies as well, this little beauty was nigh-on impossible to get your hands on because it would sell out so fast, but these days it's there in abundance, and I am never deprived my spinachy, cheesy pie!


Little vegan sister, Briar


When you're in the Grey Lynn area next — or, you know what, I thoroughly recommend making the trip in from wherever you are, it's so worth it — make sure you stop in at Tart Bakery and buy up large. We always come away with at least a pie, a sausage roll, and a danish each — and I am very proud to say that none of it lasts longer than lunchtime.

Tart Bakery
555 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
09 376 5535

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