How to hard boil an egg

Well, somehow I managed to make it through 25 years of life without ever having hard boiled an egg. Yes, I can hear you judging me, and, frankly, I don't blame you, but hard-boiled eggs have never been that high on my favourite foods list, so I never bothered to figure it out. However, last night our salad was looking a little sad as there wasn't a hell of a lot of interesting veges or fun extras to add to it, so I thought I'd give hard boiling an egg a go ... and it was ridiculously easy!

Here's what I did:

  1. Grab your eggs (I went with two)
  2. Put them in a small pot
  3. Cover them in cold water
  4. Pop the lid on
  5. Put them on the stove at high heat
  6. Wait until the water is boiling well
  7. Turn the heat off
  8. Leave the eggs in the pot of water on the stove for 10ish minutes
  9. Drain the water
  10. Run the eggs under cold water
  11. Start the cracking and peeling process

I seriously thought I'd buggered it up when I went to do the cracking and peeling, as when I banged the eggs to make a starting spot for the peeling, it felt very soft. However, they came out perfect — and here's the evidence of how stoked I was with the outcome! Now to learn how to poach eggs (stop your judging!).

Lara Wyatt2 Comments