My personal challenge for an incredible 2017


Well, well, well, it's been a very strange week! I've encountered some absolutely bizarre situations, unreasonable expectations, and just strange behaviour, and I'm just about done with it. I'm a pretty patient person, when I put my mind to it, but I've reached the point where I am ready to eliminate my life of negativity and negative people, and venture on a positive journey. And what better way than setting myself a list of goals to achieve during the year to make sure 2017 is an amazing time?

Free myself of negative people

This last week has been filled with arguments, attacks, and ‘advice’ being imparted where it is not appreciated. I get myself so wound up when I know people are angry, whether it's aimed at me or not. So, I'm removing myself from all situations where I know I will encounter some form of negative energy. I've deleted or muted Facebook friends who bring negativity, or just mention people I don't need to see in my timeline. I've blocked email addresses of people who only email me to tell me they don't like something I'm doing, or not doing. And I've also left social groups that have literally had me losing sleep with worry. The more I purge myself of all of this, the less friends I may be left with. But I would rather a handful of real friends who don't wind me up, and we reciprocally want the best for each other, over more friends who turn on you at the drop of a hat.

Learn how to knit in the round

Something holding me back from creating some amazing items for Yarns Knits section is not being able to knit on circular needles. I've tried to teach myself how to do it a few times now, and it always seems to end with a set of needles being thrown across the room. Not an entirely safe method of learning when other people are around me. If anyone possesses this skill and is keen to impart their knowledge on me, PLEASE let me know.

Get my freelance schedule booked to the brim

If you hadn't already heard, I've quit my job and I'm entering the freelance world. I am super nervous, but also super excited to get cracking and produce some amazing content for clients. I'm keen to do literally anything and everything — I've been asked numerous times what I'm going to do, and the options, to me, are limitless! Writing, digital strategies, setting up websites, managing social media, subbing, content marketing — even your data entry that someone doesn't want to do, I'll get it sorted. I've got one or two tasks up my sleeve, but I'll be looking to start filling up my hours over the next few weeks. One-off tasks, ongoing work, anything at all, let me know! 

Get away for weekend getaways

I've been doing really well lately, and have managed to get away for many weekends and explore something we've never seen, or somewhere we have never been before. I'm keen to do heaps more of this this year — especially since I can hopefully take my work on the road with me. Imagine a working road trip around New Zealand?! Wouldn't that be amazing!

I'm so excited to get this year rolling exactly as I imagined. So stay tuned to hear more about my journey! I'm super excited to share my experiences with you — the good, the bad, and the ugly (less of the bad and ugly would be great, but I'll deal with whatever comes my way!).

Who said you couldn't set New Year's resolutions in February?

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