Reset your mind and body with 30 days of Yoga

I'm a huge believer in yoga. When I'm having a particularly rough week and can't quite force myself to get out of the house and go to the gym, I absolutely love being able to get my laptop out and cast a yoga session onto my TV. I've tried out plenty of different yoga classes that are available on YouTube but have only ever really come across one that I really love. And that's Yoga with Adriene.

With her token saying of “Find what feels good”, Adriene Mishler is so inspiring in her practice. She doesn't push you too hard if you're not as flexible as you'd like to be (which is 100% me). She just tells you to find what feels good, and even encourages you to move your poses around a little bit to get them working for you. The Austin, Texas–based yogi has a huge amount of yoga tools and inspiration on her website,, that I really encourage you to explore if you're interested in kick-starting a yoga routine — even if you're a very experienced yogi, the positivity that Adriene exudes is very inspirational!

I'm thinking I'll start Adriene's series 30 days of yoga from the top again, so if you're keen to get started with me as well, let's do this! Here's day one, and then just subscribe to the channel to pic up from where you leave off each day! Who's with me? 

Lara WyattComment