Why I'm shopping small this Christmas

No, I'm not meaning literally small, or small in dollar value (although if I can wrangle some ultra cool gifts for a bargain I definitely won't be saying no). I mean shopping small in terms of small local businesses. For the Christmas of 2016 I am setting myself the challenge of purchasing all of my Christmas presents for my loved ones from small Kiwi businesses instead of trotting around the mall on Christmas Eve buying something that has potentially involved someone clicking the buy button on 3000 of the same item to be shipped from the other side of the world.

It's so hard to start a business in New Zealand (anywhere really!), when we're all sort of battling our way into similar stomping grounds. Even though we obviously all want to establish ourselves in the market and create a successful business that will bring us in an income, there's no reason why we can't support one another at the same time. 

Just imagine how many more inspirational stories we'd hear of artists being able to make a living from selling their creations if we purchased one direct from the artist or their stockist, rather than ordering a cheap copy from overseas. All those people who spend their evenings working away restoring furniture pieces would be able to sell their legitimate vintage items and make a living from their passion ... if we would just stop ordering cheap knock-offs!


And the thing is, I know so many people who think that buying from someone who created or sourced their offerings themselves is expensive. I can assure you, it really isn't. Just go to any market near you and you'll see that everyone is selling their products at a rate that they are happy with, and in many cases this doesn't even cover payment for the time they spent on it — which I personally think is crazy, but I am also guilty of doing this too when I make and sell my beanies.

So that brings me to my Christmas hunt. I've got numerous amounts of family members to buy for this year, all of which have varying tastes in lifestyles. So I'm going to be searching high and low, looking through all the #nzmade hashtags (and similar) on Instagram to find the perfect gifts. And this year I won't be able to leave everything until the last minute as I'll have to factor in shipping times! No more Christmas Eve shopping — at least 3–10 days shipping leeway will need to be considered! Wish me luck!

What about you? Reckon you'll take up the Christmas 2016 Shop Small challenge with me? Let me know in the comments below!

Lara WyattComment