Get that butt to the gym challenge

We've all been there — we've all signed up to the gym, envisioning that we'll get along every day before or after work, but then 5am rolls around and we hit that snooze button and snuggle back into bed. Or maybe 5pm rolls around and we can't possibly fit in half an hour at the gym because we have to get home as soon as we can to tidy the house and make dinner.

Right, enough is enough! For the next five days, this post is going to be your excuse buster and give you the motivation you need to get your butt to the gym, getting yourself into a healthy routine to repeat for the next five days, and then the next... There'll even be a little tip on how to ease into your workout! Let's go!

Day one

Sure, the traffic will be pretty good today, so you could get home earlier than usual, but instead you're going to go to the gym for at least half an hour. Just get on that treadmill to start with and you'll feel better in no time!

Day two

I know you've had a rough day, and you skipped lunch anyway so why would you need the gym? Well that skipping of lunch means you're going to be super hungry tonight, so how about filling that water bottle up, jumping on the bike, and sweating out a bit of your negativity!

Day three

Music. That's what you need! And you've spent all week perfecting your perfect gym playlist, so why not put it to good use. Ignore the gym grunters and pop your headphones in to listen to all your embarrassing music to your heart's content ... just remember that people can probably see your embarrassing gym playlist on Spotify — I have learnt from experience.

Day four

Yea, it'll probably be busy, but telling yourself that you'll go later on when it's quietened down is such a lie! You'll go home, get comfy on the couch, become engrossed in whatever TV show your binging at the moment, and then you'll fall asleep with ice cream left melting on the coffee table, and another day will fly by where you didn't go to the gym. Just get up from your desk, grab your gym gear, and dash to the gym for even just a few measly weights!

Day five

You've made it this far! You've been to the gym four days in a row now! If you go to the gym today, I'll give you the option to take tomorrow off if you like. Maybe you won't want to! Maybe you will want to though, and that's totally OK, because you're not a machine. Except for today! Today you are a machine and you're going to get your butt to the gym and do some leg presses to get your buns burning for the weekend!

If you're just starting out, good luck! Keep me updated with your progress by using #yarnsnz in your Instagram posts, or just tag me in: @yarnsnz. If you've reached day five, how did you go? Feeling good? Keen to repeat? Let me know!

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