Beauty and the bead: analysing my beauty regime

First of all: hahahahahahaha.I'm no beauty blogger, and I am the laziest make-up applier in the entire world. However, as part of Plastic Diet's Plastic Free July campaign, I'm taking on their challenge and analysing my existing ‘beauty regime’ to see how many of the products I use on a daily basis actually contain microbeads of some description.

So, what do I already know about plastic microbeads and their impact on the environment? Well, for starters, I know that I am allergic to many of the products that clearly state that they contain them, so to me that's a bit of an indication that they can't be that great for my skin, let alone the environment. I've never found myself drawn to products with microbeads outrightly advertised — I used a sea salt scrub which I found the idea of far more appealing for an exfoliant. Apart from that, I've never really explored the impact of plastic microbeads on the environment, so I can only assume that plastic + environment = bad.


Do my everyday beauty products contain microbeads? Now this is something I was intrigued to find out. On the daily I use Lush's Ultrabland Facial Cleanser, Caffeine Eye Gel, Natio's foundation, Natio's powder, eyeliner, mascara, and Hurraw lip balm. I tend to use Lush's shower gels (Comforter and Dirty), and my main hair product of choice is the Lush Soak and Float solid shampoo and T-Gel (please see my psoriasis post here to see why), and at the moment I am working through a bottle of Argan Oil conditioner. I also use Macleans toothpaste at the moment.

After doing a bit of research I was surprised to find that Natio uses microbeads in some of their products! Not the ones I use thankfully, but a few of their cleansers and exfoliators. Not cool! I've searched high and low, and as far as I can tell, none of the products I use feature microbeads (yay for being a major Lush convert!).

Did you know this already when you purchased them? I definitely am making more of a conscious effort these days to buy products that are not only good for my skin, but also good for the environment! However, I didn't actively look for products with no microbeads. I don't think I would have even known what I was looking for! It really makes you think a bit deeper into what really is in the products that your using on your face, in your hair, or putting in your mouth!

Is it easy to tell from reading the label and ingredients on the product that it does or does not contain plastic microbeads? Not at all! I had to google so many ingredients to see if they had any connection to plastic or microbeads. The Natio cleansing products having microbeads shocked me, considering I always thought they were natural products. Natural and plastic never made it into the same sentence in my mind...