How my knitting journey began


Back when I was about eight years old, my amazing nana bought me some yarn and a pair of knitting needles. I remember the cute wee craft store she bought them from that was just down the road from my house — it’s a laundromat now, but the old craft store sign can still be seen on the back of the building from the train line.

She sat me down and very patiently taught me the art of transferring stitches from one needle to the other, watching as the knitted product got bigger and bigger and bigger. The first project I figured was a pink, purple, and white scarf, that probably grew a little bit more than it needed to, and the gauge is probably not perfect, but I kept it and I still love it. My second project was a gorgeous wee teddy that I knitted in one block, and nana stitched up in a way to create the illusion of arms, legs and a head. I’m not sure where the teddy got to though sadly.

Between the ages of 10 to about 20, I had a big break from knitting while I navigated the years of high school and university, however nana had taught me the art of knitting so successfully that when I chose to pick up the needles again, it was easy. I just had to teach myself how to cast on again and it was all go!

Since then, I’ve been knitting chunky beanies, cardis, scarves, and baby clothes, and enjoying every moment of it. In fact, this evening I’ve been hunting out knitting patterns for things to knit the ladies in my life who are expecting babies soon. These days, knitting is one of those things that I’ll never stray far away from, and I’ll always have at least one project on the go.

Over the next wee while, I’ll be growing the Yarns community to inspire those who have never tried knitting before to give it a go, or those who have knit before but haven’t for a long time to pick up the needles again. So the next part of my knitting journey is hopefully kick-starting someone else’s!

Lara WyattKnit