Why I love the idea of a new project


Kick-starting something new ignites huge levels of excitement within me. It may be something as simple as starting a new knitting project, or it might be something like starting to write a book. I love the idea of brand new and sparkly, and it doesn't take much to get me excited and off to work on new ideas.

Earlier this year I came up with an idea. The idea didn’t fit with what Yarns is all about, and I didn’t want to squeeze a square peg through a triangle hole. I was going to give it a miss, and just forget that I’d had the idea, but instead, I called my mum.

I explained everything, and she just said, “Why don’t you start another project?” This was something that hadn’t even crossed my mind, and as soon as she said that, I was convinced. Less than three months later Hatchling was born! Hatchling is the perfect addition to my list of side projects. New projects really do release a bevvy of emotions, and really make you think in a different way. Here’s some of the main reasons that I really enjoy starting afresh:

New learning curves

Every time I start something new I always learn a huge amount. With Yarns and Hatchling, I learned all about GST, income tax, and other bits and pieces about finances. With knitting projects I often get to learn new little tricks and styles that I didn’t know before.

Fresh ways of thinking

When I’m stuck doing the same thing all the time, I get into a bit of a rut with the way I think. I start to think in a templated way, where I end up doing similar things with similar outcomes. It’s when I start a new project, like a blog series, that I start to let the creativity flow again and let me mind think well outside the box.

The blank canvas

It’s both intimidating and thrilling to have a completely blank canvas in front of you. I really love the blank canvas phase as you can dream up outrageous ideas and do your best to make them happen. Having a clean slate is the nicest feeling, and is probably one of the best things about a new project - until it starts to kick off of course!

I’ve got several new projects on the cards in the form of knitted products for Hatchling. Plus I’ve got lots of ideas for Yarns! Having new projects in the horizon keeps me motivated and inspired. What sort of projects have you got on the cards?

Lara Wyatt