My love affair with the Post-It Note


My full-time job has recently introduced me to little cubes of organisation that I didn't realise I was missing in my life: the good old Post-It Note. My work's gone Agile, which is great, I'm enjoying it, etc., etc., but it uses a hell of a lot of Post-It Notes, which my environmentally tuned brain absolutely freaks out about. But they have undoubtedly changed my life for the better.

Prior to the Post-It Note, I'd write things down all over the show. I'd have notebooks filled with notes that I would promptly lose. I'd scribble things all over my whiteboard, then forget to check the board. I'd keep an electronic to-do list in not just one, but at least three places. And I'd send myself emails about things to do so I wouldn't forget. It was chaotic. 

With Agile, we've got this whole method of pulling tasks through a series of steps. Things to do, things we're doing, and things that are done. You pop your tasks on the Post-Its, and then you drag them across the board to show their status. It was working well at work, so I thought why not bring the concept home to my small businesses. All I can say is it was the best dang idea I've had in a long time.

I started by cutting a sheet of brown paper off my Hatchling wrapping paper roll and pinned that to my office wall. I titled it Backlog. I then set up three sheets of A4 paper next to the backlog. I titled them To do, Doing, and Done. I then got busy with the Post-It Notes. I sat down with my array of to-do lists, both electronic and physical, and wrote everything down onto the little cubes of sticky paper. I put everything into the backlog and then decided what I wanted to get done in one week, and what was actually feasible. I then dragged those notes into the to-do list. And then I was away!

My first week was a huge success. Everything I wanted to do got done, and I felt as stress free as someone with a full-time job and two side hustles could possibly feel. I can say the Post-It Note love affair is still strong. But I do still need it 100% confirmed that they're recyclable... That's the only thing that could stop this affair now...

Lara Wyatt