How I get into my writing zone


I'm sure every writer has got their own unique creative space, or, as I like to refer to it, their own writing zone. Maybe some writers don't even need a special space, maybe they can just flip open the laptop and start writing. I like to set myself up with a few things that let me really get stuck in and delve deep into my creativity. 

A tidy space

As many creatives can understand, sometimes it's incredibly difficult to keep the space around you perfect and pristine when your mind is definitely not matching that vibe. My mind is often chaotic with thousands of ideas and thoughts bouncing around. I've even had it highlighted many times that I tend to talk to myself while I'm working — for some reason it keeps my mind wandering too far. In saying how hard it is to keep my space tidy, I do work a lot better with less clutter and a bit of order. So before I settle into writing, I do a quick clean up of the area around where I will be working.

Some sort of background noise

I don't like too much noise, but some soft music in the background really helps me focus. I'm learning more and more about myself every day, and one of the things I have recently learned is that I hate repetitive sounds. I think I've always known this, but I was recently told it had a name (misophonia), and now every little annoying noise is even more annoying! But having some background music eases this pain and lets me centre a lot quicker, and stay focused longer.

Something warm (read: dressing gown)

Quite often, even if it's the middle of the day, I'll just chuck my dressing gown on to stay nice and toasty. It's hard to think creatively when your mind is just focusing so much on how frozen your body is. I especially love having a fire going and writing by the fireplace. There's just something about a roaring fire right? How cliche.


This one's also quite a cliche, but, for me, quite true. I can second guess myself a lot and agonize over the perfect words to say. But with a glass of wine, I tend to loosen up just a bit and just write everything that's in my mind. It also helps that I do my best writing in the evening, so a glass of wine isn't out of place at all. What's that old saying? Write drunk, edit sober? Well, I wouldn't say I'm writing drunk, but a glass of wine definitely helps get over those blank page jitters!

These are the main things I need, along with my cat giving me just a smidge of space. Once I'm set up like this, I could write, write, write throughout the night.

Lara WyattWriting