In the dressing gown business


Magic can happen in a dressing gown. I've experienced the wonders of a dressing gown far beyond those feeling sorry for yourself mornings. In fact, I've dreamt up two businesses and put the plans in action while in mine. They're wonderful things. 

I've had many an evening or a weekend day where I've either got home from work or rolled out of bed and grabbed my dressing gown to wrap around myself. Once I'm snuggled up I head off to my office and settle in for a big night or day of what I like to call hustling.  

I think it's a comfort thing. I completely get the concept of dressing up and being presentable in professional environments — I do it every day for my corporate-environment job. But there's also something a little bit special about being able to achieve SO MUCH, without the pressures of having to dress up. As I write this now, I'm bundled up in my dressing gown, working my way through creating social media content for my baby and fur baby business Hatchling. I'm also making orders for cat products and baby lotions and potions, while also chasing kittens around the house making sure they don't get up to mischief. I swear the dressing gown is basically my superwoman costume!

I have this big dream that one day in the future, I'll be able to work from my house, wearing my superwoman dressing gown and making my businesses as successful as possible. It may sound like a big dream, but I'm determined to make it a reality. I wonder how many dressing gowns I would have gone through by then...

Lara Wyatt