Why I love to write

Image of hands writing and coffee

I was quite a shy kid. I didn't like introducing myself to new people, I definitely didn't like asking for things from shops or restaurants, and the thought of speaking in front of people gave me panic attacks. But give me a pen and paper and I'd confess my true feelings to the boy in class I had a crush on in a heartbeat. 

I'd write songs, plays, and an abundance of diary entries, and as I grew up, one of my favourite pastimes was blogging. I've toyed with the idea of writing a novel, and I became a magazine editor at the age of 23. Nowadays you'll find me creating technical content by day, and producing creative content by night. 

Why do I love writing so much? It's given me the opportunity to really express myself using a pen rather than my voice. It's shown me that what I have to say is actually really worthwhile and I can communicate my thoughts and feelings well. It's also helped me down to an organisation level where I've been able to write concise and exciting to do lists (yes, to do lists are exciting!). 

As my writing world has progressed, what I really appreciate is being given the opportunity to tell people's stories. Whether it's a photographer shooting something bloody amazing, or an artist exhibiting their work, or perhaps it's a review of an event I went to. Whatever it is, there's a person's story I get to describe and communicate with the world (or whoever gets to read my words at this point in time). 

My day job helps me every single day with enhancing my skills. It involves creating content that helps customers make decisions that will really enhance their lives, and helping them out if they get stuck. It's got the added bonus of time pressure, so I'm delivering useful, accurate content on a daily basis. And knowing that my words are helping people make decisions and solve problems is incredible!

It's an absolute blast, and so therapeutic. I don't think the concept of putting pen to paper will ever get old for me. In some way or another, writing will always be a big part of my life, my day job, and my hobbies.

Keen to get me to write something for you or your business? Flick me an email: yarns.co.nz@gmail.com

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