Review: The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs


I'm a huge musical fan. I'm therefore a Hamilton: An American Musical fan. However, I've never watched the stage show, I've only listened to the soundtrack on Spotify. So when I stumbled across The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs on my sister's bookshelf, I had to read it. Although it's not the book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical rendition (which by the way was Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow), it's a great book for a quick and easy to digest fictional account of what happens in the musical. 

I do have to say that I didn't devour this book as I usually do when I find an excellent novel, however that may have been something to do with what was going on in my personal life, rather than any fault of the book itself. I did get to a point where I was halfway through and my pile of books that I wanted to get around to reading was growing and growing. So I ended up staying up til midnight one evening just reading and reading until it was finished. 

It focuses on the story between Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler. I didn't know a hell of a lot about this relationship prior to reading the book, other than what the music in Hamilton: An American Musical lets on, this book was a great introduction into what it may have been like. You get the idea of Eliza being such a strong woman, and as a woman of the times, being a mother to a multitude of children, and being at home while her husband is off with work. It's both entertaining and upsetting, as well as fairly educational too, while only really scratching the surface of the history - but with this book, that was fine by me as I didn't really pick it up for the history lesson.

If you're looking for a light introduction to the history of Alexander Hamilton, and also a bit of background around the music from Hamilton: An American Musical, I would recommend this book. I definitely do feel slightly more enlightened around the relationship between Eliza and Alexander at the very least.