Change is in the air

Photo: Ross Findon  

Photo: Ross Findon


I knew 2018 would be quite a year, but I didn't realise just how fast things would kick into gear. About two months ago, I came up with a concept that I just couldn't shake. The concept was a store that would cater for babies and fur babies. After much deep thinking and planning, Hatchling was born, and it's occupied much of my brain space ever since. Although the website is yet to launch, I have many exciting plans up my sleeve that I can't wait to reveal. 

However, it made me think about Yarns and where it's going. Anyone who's done it before knows that running a business isn't cheap, so knowing that I was about to endeavour into the world of running two businesses while having a full-time job, I had to really analyse what I was doing. 

I looked at how much income I've made through Yarns' actual website and then compared that to what I've made via the Facebook page and word of mouth, and knew it was time to shut down the shop section from the website. From now on, I'll be selling and taking orders through Facebook, email, etc. Just no more online store orders.

I've kept the blog side of the website, though, as I still thoroughly intend to keep that part of the site alive and well, as well as really work on the writing services side! I love writing creative content, and Yarns really lets me do that thanks to the blog and the awesome people I've been able to create work for so far. 

So, if you're keen to order a custom-made knitted item, a ready-made item, or written content for your business, make sure you contact me via email (, or find me on Facebook! Onwards and upwards right? :)