Why I should write for you


It's a vital element to business and communication, but sometimes it all just gets a bit much. Finding not only the time, but the expertise needed to string together words that will entice and inspire, while also thinking about how those words suit your audience and what you're trying to communicate can be quite the daunting task. 

But that's where I come in.

I love a bit of a challenge, and I also love creating content — and I'm only an email away should you want to put my skills to the test. If you're still not convinced, here's just a handful of reasons why you should have me write for you.

I've got the experience

My entire career so far has involved content. I studied a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism, and got straight to work in the publishing industry, working with magazines and websites. I started out by creating news stories from press releases, and writing product profiles, and then I became not only an editor of two print magazines, but also the digital editor of two websites. I wrote feature articles for my magazines as well as every other type of content under the sun. I then transitioned into technical writing and content strategy. 

I'm super speedy

One of my secret talents is being early to everything. I'm always early to meetings (especially when snacks and coffee are involved) and I always get my work completed before the deadline. I hate being late, and this is represented in my turnaround times.

I love variety and will try my hand at it all

Whether it's writing a 1000-word article about a book I've just devoured, or whether it's writing punchy product profiles, I love having a variety of project types to sink my teeth into. Perhaps you have one of the following (or something else) on your hands. Let me have a go at it!

  • News stories
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Website content freshen up - think About pages and the likes
  • Feature articles
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Catalogue or brochure copy
  • Programmes

You name it, I'm keen!

I'm constantly being inspired

I'm an avid reader, and I find that having my nose in a book so often really inspires my work. I'm always finding funky new words to add to my vocabulary, and learning new writing techniques or ways to apply them that I love trying out in my own work. It keeps my work fresh and evolving.

Last but not least - you don't have to do it!

Free yourself up to get on with everything else on your plate. Off load all that writing and content work to me and you can get the rest of your business, website, magazine, or event running smoothly. 

If you think you've got something for me to get stuck into, send me an email at yarns.co.nz@gmail.com and we can have a chat!

Lara WyattWriting