It's nearly 2019, and reinvention is around the corner


There’s nothing quite like the promise of a fresh new year to completely begin again. Every single year I do it. Last year saw me invent my second side hustle, Hatchling, which has proven to be an absolute wonderful way to spend some of my spare time finding and creating items for babies and fur babies.

This year, I’ve got ideas for both my personal life, work life, and Yarns’ hustle life.

Personal’s easy, and is the usual stuff I always promise myself, but this year I’m determined to do. I want to live a healthy and strong life. My fitness has fallen to the wayside over the last couple of years, but I’m ready to get that back. And I’ve also stopped cooking. I don’t think I’ve cooked a meal for nearly a year if I’m perfectly honest with myself. Maybe once or twice in that time, but nothing that I can remember… Terrible. So this year, I’m wanting to step up and do a bit more cooking where I can.

There’s also the house. I blame my mess on my creative mind. I get an idea and all the things come out of their rightful places. I move from my office when that becomes a mess and head for the dining table. When that becomes a mess I move to the lounge. And the circuit continues til the house is a disaster. I really need to take a step back and focus on keeping the clutter to a minimum so I can keep the productivity at a maximum.

Oh, and I also want to learn how to use my “fancy” camera properly.

Now that’s the personal stuff sorted.

Work life. I start a new job in the new year!!! I’m beyond excited to say that. I’ve been pondering for a wee while not that I wasn’t in the right space for me and what I want to do with my life. And when this latest opportunity came knocking I knew all the stars had aligned and my real world had found me. I’m coming home!

Now. Hustle time.

Hatchling is easy. I just want to see that baby grow. I’ve got some new amazing local talent I need to reach out to in the new year and I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to make myself. Year one was pretty good, so I’m very excited to see how I can improve on that success and make year two even better.

Yarns is a biggie. This year I’ll be introducing a shop to the website. I’m not going to rush into this one, and I’ brainstorming and dream boarding behind the scenes. I know what I want Yarns to look like, and I know what I want to stock, and now it’s all about bringing it all together. Yarns will, of course, still have the content creation side of it as well. That’s not going anywhere. But how I show it on the website may just appear a little different.

I’m beyond excited for 2019. I know everyone says it’s going to be the best yet, so I won’t tempt fate and say that, but I am super motivated and pumped for a productive, thrilling, and challenging time.

Bring it

Lara Wyatt