How to write a stand-out product profile


First of all, what is a product profile? You know when you’re flicking through the pages of a magazine and you see a picture of a beautiful product with a blurb of text underneath talking about it? That’s a product profile. These could be small profiles on a page filled with other products (like a Christmas buyers’ guide), or it could be a full blog post dedicated to the single item.

No matter the space the product is allocated, you can still make a product profile stand out and be remembered with the use of great content. So let’s get started!

A catchy title

Unless you’ve got a knack for them, these are hard! Sometimes a product will have a quirky name or tagline that you can play on, but other times you’re really stuck trying to avoid puns. Although don’t use that as a hard-and-fast rule. Sometimes puns as a product profile title can be super catchy.

Engaging, on-brand language

This one is a challenge I always love. When you’re writing for a publication, they’ll generally have an editorial tone that you need to write to. Sometimes the tone can be fun and playful, other times it’s a bit more serious. Remember, these editorial tones are based on the publication’s audience, and are there for a reason. If you write to these tones, you’re more likely to engage the reader and provide a successful outcome for the product creator.

It’s therefore a good idea to get the product creator onboard with your editorial tone. Sometimes, a creator can have a specific way they want their product to be described or referred to, which is totally fine if that’s what they want. However, if you can explain to them that their product will be received better by your market by making the profile sound less like an ad, or more like expert advice, you’ll be onto a winner!

The right image

I know this one’s technically not writing, but it’s majorly important. There’s no point having an epic product profile written up if the image doesn’t match the words. Think high-resolution and also consider how the image can match your brand. Maybe you want to get the products in-house to take beautiful shots? Maybe a clear-cut image suits your brand just fine? Maybe the stock images the product creator has on file will work fine? Just remember to keep that audience in mind. What will they want to see? What will influence them to buy?

Remember the audience

I’ve alluded to this the whole way through this article, but it’s the absolute pinnacle of writing product profiles. Often, the main point of writing a product profile is to generate sales of the product. You can’t do that if you can’t get your reader interested. Think about what they could use the product for — it may not always be what the product is primarily designed to do! Think outside the box. Get creative and present your information in a way you know your reader will respond to.

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Author: Lara Wyatt

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