Life update: see what Yarns is doing in 2018

Yarns has always been something I consider to be my "hobby hustle", but the more time I spend on this creation, the more I'm finding myself referring to Yarns as my "side hustle". This means I've got some big plans for Yarns this year to help it grow into the place I've been envisioning for so long now.

On the blog front

Yarns: The Blog

Over the last year and a bit that I've had the Yarns blog up and running I've chopped and changed things a couple of times. This year, my plan is to be less strict on myself regarding the type of posts I create.

I want to read more books, so I'm planning on reviewing more books on the blog. I'm keen to get my cooking skills back up, so I'm hoping to discuss my progress on this front as well.

But I also plan on talking more about my world. I get to do some pretty awesome stuff, like exploring various bush walks around New Zealand, especially Auckland, and in my day to day life I do encounter many ridiculous scenarios, so I'm really keen to bring you a better insight into my everyday life.

So that's the blog plan so far. What do you think?

On the shop front

Yarns: the shop

As you may have noticed, I've removed the preloved clothing section from the shop — apart from the kids clothes section, because that's just too cute.

This was mainly because it wasn't the direction I wanted to take Yarns any more, and also because I kicked off The Aunties Shop, where all clothing sales go straight to The Aunties. My stockroom wasn't big enough to store all of those items as well as Yarns clothes anyway!

Instead, my plan for Yarns is to be the home for upcycled and handmade items. In the upcycled section, you'll find a variety of types of items that I've given a new lease on life. At the moment there are clothing items, but in the future I've got plans to bring in home decor items plus much more. 

In the handmade section, there's all my knitted items at the moment. Pretty much everything can be made to order, so I'm hoping to promote that a lot this year. But I'm also keen to experiment with one-off items that can be bought straight from the store. I'll also be experimenting with different materials this year. I've usually gone with acrylic as it's easier to clean, but I've heard the calls for variety, so I'm going to explore my options this year. Yarn suppliers, I'd love to hear from you :)

On the writing front

Need words_.png

Something I'll be pushing a lot more this year is offering my writing services! My main passion is writing. And any type of writing, there's no such thing as a boring topic in my eyes. 

I've written about all sorts of things during my career, including news articles in the health, business, and arts sectors (plus much more), photography feature articles in magazines and online, technical writing content (including help articles), blog posts about psoriasis, as well as many creative writing stories that I enjoyed experimenting with in my own time. Of course, I also write blog posts and other website content for Yarns (newsletters, Facebook posts, Instagram, etc.), so I'm truly up for anything.

Get in touch if you're interested in having me write for you — or forward this information to people you think may be interested. My email is

On the life front

Lara and Zak

2017 was quite the frantic year for me. It involved switching jobs, settling into a new place, adopting a kitten, kick-starting The Aunties Shop, being part of the set building team for my local theatre company, Papakura Theatre Company, plus all the other bits and pieces that you do in between!

I had an absolute blast, but all the daily life chores sort of got ignored. I forgot how to look after myself. I did barely any exercise, drank more coffee than I did water, didn't cook anything really, and tended to eat between 9pm and 10pm at night. 

So on the life front this year, I'm planning on looking after myself more. I've booked in for Monday evening yoga classes and I've got a diary where I can see what I'm doing on any given day and not overload myself. Plus, I've got a plan to cook more and eat earlier. So here's to a productive, healthy, and fun 2018!

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