Review: Mercy by Jodi Picoult

Mercy and Long White vodka

I'm a Jodi Picoult fan from way back. The first of her books that I ever devoured was Songs of the Humpback Whale, which I have just realised (thanks to Google) was actually her debut novel. Fancy that. 

Many times that I'm at the library or opshop looking for a new book to read, I'll stumble across a Picoult-created novel, and I generally can't pass it by. The latest little wonder that I picked up from one of my local opshops was Mercy

I was all set to not enjoy this one considering the first chapter set the scene of one of the main characters, Allie, selling all her partner Cam's possessions on the side of the road. You're left with only a couple of assumptions about what Cam did, so I was already against him from the get-go, which isn't a great way to start a 400-plus page book. 

However, this didn't deter too much from my enjoyment. Although it's a slightly heftier book than I usually read during my summer holidays, I had inhaled it completely during the first two days of my beach trip. I couldn't put it down. At one point I was walking back from the beach down the middle of the (quiet) road while reading it. 

I've already described how the story starts, but that's not how the actual series of events begins. It all truly begins when Jamie (Cam's cousin) pulls into the police station, where Cam is the police chief, and announces that he has just killed his wife, who he has brought to the police station in the passenger seat of the car. You'll learn all about why Jamie killed his wife, so I won't tell you anything else in that respect!

It's a story that makes you think about the two sides of a relationship, and the various amounts of effort and control each party brings to it. It mentions that there's no 50-50 balance in any relationship, so that really got me thinking about the relationships I have in my life - not just romantic, although I did think about this a bit during the read as well.

If you're ready to be challenged in terms of your ethics and how you behave in your relationships, reading Mercy is definitely a step for you!

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Mercy by Jodi Picoult

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