Review: The Wish Child by Catherine Chidgey


New Zealand fiction is always an absolute honour to read. I expected no less from this award-winning book authored by Catherine Chidgey. The Wish Child was stunning.

I started reading this book towards the end of my summer holidays and I really made it last. I know people say that they devour the books they love and read them in a few days, but I just didn't want this experience to end, so I forced myself to stop reading and make it last longer. It still only took me two weeks. 

The Wish Child follows two young children in Nazi Germany as they recount their experiences during the war alongside their family. The perspective of Nazi Germany is often overlooked, if not avoided, however Chidgey explores this side of the war in such a way that you feel nothing but love for the two children and their families. It's exceptionally researched while still maintaining a beautiful level of author liberty in which Chidgey confirms in her quote, "...Please regard any perceived errors as deliberate."

The story is both heart-warming and heartbreaking at the same time, which truly makes for some awkward encounters when you're wiping tears from your eyes on a packed train. But it's a literature experience I honestly think should not be missed.

Having made the conscious decision to read more Kiwi literature this year, I'm very pleased that this was the first Kiwi-created novel that I read in 2018. We have an incredible amount of talent in our country, and Catherine Chidgey proved that superbly in less than 400 pages. 

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