Keeping those holiday vibes: staying creative and motivated


I've just gone back to my place of full-time employment after three weeks off work, and I've got to say it wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be. Yes, I woke up and got ready at 5.10am. Yes, I had to sit amongst a whole lot of strangers on the train instead of lying on my couch. Yes, I had to do some real work. But I haven't lost those holiday vibes yet!

The last three weeks have reminded me that you can cram a lot of living into a single day — even if you have to work for eight hours of it. I choose to get to work by 7.30am, which involves a 6.30am train ride. But it also means I get to leave at 4pm! So I still get a solid five hours of living in my afternoon/evening. And I don't intend to waste it. 

I've already signed up for Monday evening yoga classes to get my mind and body aligned. My theatre has already confirmed two shows that I'll (hopefully) be involved in building the set for. And of course, little old Yarns is still here for me to whittle away at. 

During my holidays I decided a few things. One of which was I'm going to write a damn book! I've been saying it for so long (says the 26 year old), but it feels like I have been saying it forever! I have a concept, I have a Google Doc page, and I am under way! Watch this space!

I also have a couple of other cool things in the pipeline that I'm extremely pumped and terrified about, but I'm motivated and ready to get these shows on the road. Again, watch this space. 

I've also set myself a bit of a challenge to go to as many amateur theatre shows in Auckland as I can possibly get to. I'm assuming I'll be going to the majority alone, considering Zak works til approximately midnight every single night, so if there's something you're thinking of going to and need a show buddy, lemme know!

I also have a never ending list of upcycling projects to work on — one of which I am 3/4 of the way through right now — so I'll be chipping away at those over the next few months too! I'm determined to not let these creative vibes go, and am so keen to keep feeling like this throughout the entire working year! Only another 49ish working weeks to go!

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