Never stop learning


I'm yet to fully understand LinkedIn, but I love the concept of seeing everything you've achieved during your career in one place. And while reworking my profile recently, I suddenly got all inspired to sign myself up for some online courses to extend my skill set. 

I'm lucky enough that I'm currently in a role that's super new, not just for the company I work for, but in general. Content strategy is something that is starting to really be considered essential to every business. And being in this sort of new role means I am learning something new and extending my skills every single day. 

But somehow that's not quite enough for me. So far I've signed up for two online courses that relate to digital and content strategy and I'm super excited to get stuck in and get learning! 

Online courses aren't the only way to learn and up skill though. Just think of all the workshops that are being held in your community. There's often composting workshops, jewellery making, toastmasters classes, plus so much more. If you'd rather not sit in front of a laptop learning all night, these workshops can be a heap of fun. And you're more likely to meet likeminded people there too! I remember taking a sewing class and learning the absolute basics and it was so much fun! I even ended the course having made a super cute dress!

And there's always the library too! If you're feeling hungry for information, head along to your local library and pick up a few books on topics you're interested in. There's so much exciting information out there!

So, if you feel the need to extend your learning like I do, there's no need to stop. Just keep on building on your foundations and you'll be a knowledge power house in no time! 

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