5 reasons why you should vote this election


There's very little time left to cast your vote in New Zealand's 2017 election. If you haven't yet made up your mind on whether you'll vote or not, here are 5 reasons why you should head along to your local polling booth.

Because you can

We've all got the right to vote so why shouldn't we use it! Every single vote counts in our democratic country, so your voice will be heard!

To create the world you want to live in 

If you vote now, you're having a say in the direction you want to see the country take into the future. You can help create a world you want to live in, and one you want the future generations to live in.

It's a lot harder to complain if you don't vote

You know that saying that gets tossed around a bunch: If you didn't vote, then you can't complain. Well, avoid getting lumped into that category by voting.

To become more aware

During the process of deciding who to vote for, it's inevitable that you'll start to learn things about our country that you may not have been confronted with before. Perhaps you don't witness the high level of poverty this country has. Perhaps you haven't noticed the changing climate. Whatever it is, I can guarantee you'll learn a lot about New Zealand as your reading all the policies.

To be represented

If you want a party who has the same ideals and beliefs as you to represent you in government, then you need to vote. Do some research, find out which party aligns with what you want to see our country improve on, and get to the polling booths on Saturday, September 23.

Get voting!

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