The Aunties Shop: Designer threads for cheap as chip prices

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What's better than shopping, you ask? Well, how about shopping for designer clothes, at ridiculously cheap prices, and having all of the funds go straight to an amazing cause?

I've recently started up The Aunties Shop on Facebook and Instagram to raise funds for The Aunties, who provide the material needs of women residing at women's refuges and other vulnerable women and children. 

The Aunties get so many clothing items donated to them that they just can't use — much of which are designer clothing — and until The Aunties Shop came along, a lot of clothes ended up going to opshops as there wasn't enough space to house them. 

The Aunties Shop now takes those donated designer and interesting clothes and sells them for incredibly cheap prices. So you're not only getting a great deal on your new wardrobe items, but all of the funds go to The Aunties to help them continue doing what they do. 

In the first week alone, The Aunties Shop raised over $160 for The Aunties! And that's only likely to grow as more and more people hear about the shop, and more and more clothing items are donated. 

I'm so excited to see the shop grow, and it's so exciting seeing my dining room table laden with orders! The first lot of donated items is starting to dwindle, so I'm definitely keen to get my hands on the next lot of clothes to start shooting, selling and delivering!

Please check out The Aunties Shop - and give it a like or follow if you can! Also, please get in touch via if you have any questions or want to know how to donate!

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