Bake the book: Cheesy mushroom muffins


So, since the last instalment of Bake the book, I have been back to Kmart and I ended up buying two more beautiful cookbooks. One is called The Busy Life Cookbook (amen), and The Easy Kitchen (hallelujah). I have big plans to trial out all the recipes in these two books too, so look out for a new series called Cook the book!

In the meantime, we'll get back to Bake the book with my latest recipe trial: The Baker's Kitchen's cheesy mushroom muffins! We'd bought a bunch of mushrooms earlier in the week for a different meal, but we must have done our usual oops it's really late let's just order something tonight routine, and we ended up with a pile of mushrooms that didn't have a meal home to go too. So when I saw the cheesy mushroom muffins recipe I thought it was a bit of a sign to get baking!

This recipe saw me having a little bit of a panic over, as the mixture I ended up with was quite dry so I had to adapt it and add some more milk in. And the picture in the book had them emerging from the oven as beautiful rounded muffins, yet mine came out a lot more rustic looking (although not burnt, so hey!). 

The mixture made SO MANY muffins as well! I managed to get nearly 20 muffins out of a single batch (it says 18 muffins in the recipe). Since there's only the two of us, these muffins lasted us all week — although towards the end of the week, they definitely could do with a bit of a microwave to get them to a fresh-feeling state!

So, if you have a stockpile of mushrooms and patience to do two batches of muffins (assuming you're not resourced with two muffin trays like I wasn't!), then give this recipe a go and lunch snacks will be sorted! Grab the cookbook at the link below, or try your luck at Whitcoulls like I did! Note: this series isn't sponsored; I'm just genuinely keen to bake EVERY SINGLE RECIPE in this book.