Bake the book: Banana, walnut and chocolate muffins

Over the weekend I went to Kmart with a friend. I was actually on the lookout for a world map pin board to crack into my reading around the world challenge, but — as with any good trip to Kmart — I came out with a bunch of stuff I hadn't intended to buy. Amongst that pile was a beautiful hard cover cookbook: The Baker's Kitchen.


Now, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this recipe book, but while I was in the shop, I was getting increasingly excited by what was jumping out at me. Caramel and chocolate slices, pumpkin pie, way to many muffins ... I had to buy it. There were a whole bunch of other cookbooks I'm starting to regret not buying as well, but hey, coming away with this one has been very satisfying. 

As I've probably mentioned before, we've recently got a new oven. The old oven always ran hotter than expected, resulting in some serious charcoaling, and the oven before that was about 40cm wide and just as tall, so not such a winner when it came to baking. However, this new oven is a dream! I've made a banana cake in it, and now I've made these beautiful banana, walnut and chocolate muffins from The Baker's Kitchen.


Obviously I can't give you the recipe for these cupcakes due to copyright rules, but I can talk to you about the baking experience and how amazing these muffins came out. For once, the baking experience was completely flawless! Although I'd never separated egg whites and yolks before, I came up with my own method that saw no cross contamination! The mixture stayed light and fluffy, and I put in just the right amount of walnuts and chocolate chips. The outcome was great! Beautifully baked muffins with no charcoal in sight!

I'll be doing a tonne more baking from this beauty of a book, so expect to see a lot of recounting of the recipes as I bake the book! If you want to get your hands on your own copy of The Baker's Kitchen, I've managed to hunt out where you can purchase your own. Grab a copy from Whitcoulls!