The life your literature lead before you


There's always that moment of cringe when someone tells me they don't like reading. I seem to take it as a bit of a personal insult, which is ridiculous considering I've never written a book. However, this isn't about the non-readers today. This is about those die-hard book fans who are looking for their fix of books to take away on holiday with them, or just books to stock up the bookshelf. 

Have you been to an opshop?

Have you been to the book section?

Have you ever worked away empty handed?

Opshops are a bloody goldmine for books. The rate at which books are donated must be nearing the speed of lightening, as I have never gone to an opshop where I've seen the exact same selection of books that was there the last time I visited. This may or may not be because I possibly bought nearly their entire stock of books last time, but nevertheless, there is still an abundance of amazing reads to be explored.

In this photo, every single book that appears has been picked up from various opshops I've been to on my travels. And within the line-up, you've got the likes of Jodi Picoult and Bryce Courtenay. I think I have discovered all of my favourite authors via my opshop book purchases. And don't forget to pick up a completely random book you've never heard of before and give it ago. You'd probably be pleasantly surprised.


How's this for something a bit gorgeous; here's an opshop find my sister and I discovered. Someone has donated a trilogy of books but is afraid that the three will be split up, and whoever buys any of the books on their own won't be able to read the full tale. They were still kept together by a rubber band, and the beautiful note that the lovely owner wrote and attached. It's little finds like these that remind you that these books had an entire life before you. No doubt someone devoured the pages before you got your hands on it, and they were kind enough to pass on its story to someone else, while also helping to raise funds for the charity that the opshops generally associate with. 

The next time you're at an opshop, beeline it to the book section and pick up a few books to read. What's the worse that can happen? If you don't like them, donate them again and let someone else have a go!