6pm: The pondering hour


Over the last couple of weeks I've spent 6pm either going for a brisk walk around the block or sitting outside rugged up, reading or knitting, watching the last of the day fade away. I've realised that this time of evening, during winter, is my favourite time of day.

My working day has come to an end, and I'm finally home, but there's still plenty of evening left to be able to do things, cramming in a little extra life into the week days. I can sit down and catch up on some knitting projects, I could get some dishes washed, ready for another mess to unfold in mere hours, or I could write a Yarns post or two. There's always stuff to do, and, at 6pm, everything looks achievable.

The strange thing about where I live is that it's right, smack bang, in the middle of a busy main road, so there's always hustle and bustle, yelling and blasting music at all hours of the day, just beyond our fence. But at 6pm, I don't seem to notice it. In fact, I was feeling so peaceful this evening, that all I could hear was the rustling in the trees, followed by bird song as they start to sing good night to the world. It was beautiful. Sitting outside on the front porch, I took a few deep breaths and I felt completely centred and happy.

It's sort of the hour of hope, with lots of promise of calmness and resting, ready for another day of work mode. And at 6pm, that still feels a long time away. I think I'll be spending a lot more of my week day evenings chilling out on the front porch with a G&T and a book, or something equally as relaxing.

What would you be doing at 6pm?