Things I love this week: film festivals, sisters, home time, and more


New Zealand International Film Festival

It's well under way now, but New Zealand International Film Festival has been a highlight of the last week (or so). I've been to a selection of films that I probably wouldn't have encountered without the festival team scouring out these gems and making them accessible to the general public. Now I have a giant catalogue of films I need to hunt down and watch! I've heard that Academy Cinema tends to play many of the film festival movies after the festival is over, so I'll be keeping my eye out on their line-up over the coming months — you should too!

Quality sister time

Now that we're both full-time career women (oh yea!), Briar and I are always stupidly busy and it's hard to coordinate our schedules to catch up — we've even tried to organise pre-work coffees or quick lunch break catch-ups and they just never seem to work out. So the last week has been excellent, considering we've been able to see each other at least three days out of the week! 

Being at home

Last week was pretty manic with so many different things going on every night after work. Being able to spend decent amounts of time at home means there's time to get the house looking beautiful, getting dishes sorted and actually eating decent meals (even though, let's be honest, it's not usually me making them!). Just being able to chill out and relax after work, or get some exercise in, can really help your mindset for the following days of the working week.


Knitting orders

I've got some! Which means I get to spend my evenings knitting up a storm and working on beautiful creations. I love seeing the colour ideas that people come up with — generally they're colours that I wouldn't have thought of. I'm quite a neutral, earthy colour palette sort of person, so getting orders for bright and wonderful colours is so exciting! 

Coming up with new projects

Since winter will soon be drawing to a close, I'm starting to think of new things to make. This stage is so exciting because I get to do all the dreaming and brainstorming I like, so there's ideas on pieces of scrap paper, post-its, and likewise all over my office! So much fun! If there's anything you reckon would be cool for me to make, let me know!

With this week being so much fun, I can't wait to see what next week has in store!