My obsession with second-hand knitting needles


Can a knitter really have too many needles? I have to ask myself that every single time I gravitate anywhere near an opshop and find myself in the craft supplies area. There is guaranteed to be a handful of knitting needles within every opshop, and I have to resist buying them all.

There's something a bit special about picking up a preloved pair of needles, instead of picking up a pair from your local craft supplies store. There are beautiful styles of needles you may never have come across unless you stumbled upon them at the thrift store. Who knows, maybe someone brought them along with them when they moved from overseas, or perhaps they're someone's grandma's from way back when. I love my eclectic collection of metallic needles, a vast array of bamboo ones, as well as plenty of other quirky styles. And since I have so many styles in the same size, I can pretty much use a different style of needle even if I'm making the same thing over and over.


I think my knitting needle obsession is starting to form a bit of a collection to be honest. I used to collect teapots (and still would if I could), but I had to put that on hold because my teapot cabinet is filled to the brim! Perhaps that's my new excuse for buying every set of preloved knitting needles I set my eyes on!

What's something you're obsessed with and can't stop gathering?