Ya back-to-basic scones!


The sheer number of scones I have consumed over the last few weeks is just embarrassing. It started as a little treat when I forgot my Vogels toast for breakfast. It has now turned into a full-blown obsession that's completely out of control. People complain about coffees being the reason that they can't afford to buy a house. Well, the thing getting in the way of my road to home ownership is a scone!

So, what better way to take matters back into my own hands and get my bake on. We recently got a new oven, and I haven't dared try bake anything new in it, just in case it really confirms my suspicion that it wasn't the oven burning everything... However, we're having soup for dinner tonight, which involves nothing but ripping open a couple of sachets, pouring them into a pot, and heating it up on the stove. I got home early today, so thought I'd whip up some scones to go with the soup — and take a few to work over the next couple of days to stop myself spending up large on the cheesy buggers.

After a couple of speed bumps, ie, not putting enough milk into the mixture to start with, making for a very floury dough, as well as having 10 cooked scones with two persistent undercooked ones, I managed to extract 12 perfectly cooked cheese scones, with not an ounce of charcoal in sight (don't flip them over please).

I'm calling this a success, and I can see myself saving at least $15 this week on not having to splurge on the gorgeous scones from my local cafe. Yep, I've found a new one since my workplace shift! You try and keep me from my morning coffee!! 

For those keen to give scone making a go, I used the good ol' trusty Edmonds Cookery Book. I'm sure you've got one on your shelf!