Revealing hidden art

It was my sister's most recent graduation (because she's a braniac and has a million diplomas and degrees). She wanted to celebrate by going to the Hard to Find book store in Onehunga and visit a few opshops (coolest celebration ever), and as we were wandering around the suburb, I happened to look in the window of an empty store.

Inside was a whole lot of white material with dirt and leaves all over it. At first, I thought it was just a paint drop that perhaps renovators were using while they were doing up the shop. But as I followed the material up the wall, it tapered off and actually became a long white dress hanging from a coat hanger on the roof. I'd stumbled across a work of art. 


I managed to take a sneaky shot through the window of the shop, and uploaded it to my Instagram. And from there, my #larafindsart journey began. During my travels I've been snapping pieces of hidden art work that not everyone would see on a daily basis. I've found beautiful paintings hanging in foyers of business buildings or university study areas. I've found pop-up murals that have been painted over a few days later — I'm still pretty gutted that I didn't manage to snap a shot of an awesome mural of Tupac on the wall of my local dairy before it got painted over.  


Not only is being able to take these shots and share art with people all over the place awesome in itself, it's also encouraged me to open my eyes more and take in my surroundings with a bit more appreciation. Like the Tupac mural. I drive past that dairy nearly every day, and every day it's just a dairy, but after that mural popped up, I started looking at that dairy again and remembering what used to surround it, and a whole lot of random childhood memories came flooding back. It's really nice. 

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