Five things new mums will love

One thing I love about markets is getting to talk to people I probably wouldn't have had the chance to meet without being in their hometown. Since I've started knitting baby bits and pieces I've met plenty of mums who have grabbed a beanie for their bubs, and shared a few cute stories with me. I've picked up a few tidbits of info about what they absolutely love having, and also what they wish they had, so I thought I'd share a few ideas if you're trying to come up with a gift idea for a baby shower you're heading to, or if you know a new mum who needs a bit of spoiling.

A good book


One of the markets I was at recently was held on the verandah of the local library. So many mums were visiting the library to pick up a few books, and when they visited my stall, a few told me how much they were looking forward to sitting down and having a good read. Books are excellent forms of relaxation and escapism (not that they want to escape their baby! You know what I mean). I've got a few goodies wrapped up in the form of mystery books if anyone's keen to get their mum friends a surprise book treat! 

Things for the baby


Mums are a very selfless lot! When I asked a few what they'd want as gifts, they just rattled (excuse the pun) off lists of things for their bub. Bibs, blankets, warm clothes for winter. I'm really enjoying experimenting with baby gear, and can now customise baby beanies for you, with bows, flowers, or pom poms. You can also pick up a ready made blankie, or customise your own. I've also got a range of preloved kids clothes, too! I'll be trying out more bits and pieces for babies over time too, so keep an eye out!

Cooked meals


I know how difficult it is for two of us, with no children, to be able to find the time to cook ourselves a decent meal, so I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a new family to get a cooked meal on the table. If you can drop off a tasty treat for them, you'd be very appreciated — and that's some advice from a new mum who doesn't want a repeat performance of going to the grocery store and nearly leaving with the bags of groceries and no baby (it's OK, she can laugh about it now).



Think things that you buy yourself when you just have yourself to worry about — like your daily caffeine fix, those yummy blocks of chocolate, bath bombs, and even a magazine! Any little bits and pieces like those can really give mum a chance to unwind and relax during crazy times. 

Babysitting promises


Even if you have to print out vouchers that mum can swap you for a few hours of babysitting, something small like that could mean the world. Mum and dad may be missing date nights, and not only will you be able to give them a few hours of alone time, but you'll also get to hang out with an absolutely gorgeous bundle of cuteness! It may be a wee while down the track, but make the promise early so mum knows who to call when the time comes.

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