When I pretended I knew how to use a camera

I bought my first ever ‘proper’ camera a couple of months ago, and I forgot that you actually need to know how to use it before you start getting crafty and shooting stunning shots. So I skipped the learning step and just jumped straight into a Yarns photo shoot!


If you've ventured to the Yarns shop section of the site recently, you'll have seen all the new photos and new clothes (!!) in the women's clothing section. Now, for someone who's never tried to use a camera (and yes, I know that's weird for someone who used to edit a photography magazine — I don't like to be told what to do alright!), I reckon the shots came out pretty damn good! 


I've picked up on a couple of bits and pieces I'll need to tweak for next time, but with a model as perfect as Michelle I could have been shooting with an old iPhone 4 camera and still get some quality shots. However, it's time to treat you all to a bit of an upgrade. I'll be working my way through shooting all the other clothes in the store (believe it or not, what you see there at the moment isn't even a quarter of what I've got), and then I'll be cracking into the other sections of the store — knits, jewellery, kids clothes, etc. 


For now, have a look at some of the shots we captured during our brief photo shoot, because, OH YEA, you're supposed to fully charge the camera battery before you jump into a big photo shoot aren't you. Rookie move...

If you want to have a crack at modelling, drop me a line at yarns.co.nz@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!