Time for a change

I'll admit it. I'm a wee bit obsessed with Yarns.

Over the past few months it's been pretty quiet around here while I got myself sorted, and started to gather everything I want Yarns to be in one place. I've dug deep and come to terms with not being able to do everything. But I can do a heck of a lot.

So, from now on — and I'll keep checking in to see what you're loving — I'm focusing on knits, threads, and the yarns that make this little place called Yarns tick. You'll get an insight into the behind-the-scenes world of Yarns, you'll have a huge range of pre-loved vintage and retro style clothing to explore, and I'll be knitting up a storm so you can get your own handmade knitted goodies. You just try to get those needles off me!

So, here's to a fresh start, a new look, and plenty of exciting times ahead! Let's kick it off with a bit of a poll to see what you're liking about Yarns at the moment.