Funky up your corporate wardrobe!

I've had to make a pretty drastic change recently — I've gone corporate! I'm currently doing a six-month gig in a corporate environment, and suddenly had to give myself a crash course on the dos and don'ts on what to wear in this new environment. I've always thought I dressed fairly tidy for my job, but I've also always been in work environments where I've either had a uniform, or being comfortable was the priority. 

I've got to say, I've had a huge amount of fun going through my wardrobe and unearthing clothes I'd forgotten I had because it always felt ridiculous wearing them to my old jobs. I've found awesome work pants I forgot I had, cute skirts, funky tops, and great jackets buried in the back of the wardrobe. 

Since I got so much enjoyment out of putting together my new corporate wardrobe, I thought I'd hunt through Yarns' clothes and put some of your options here to have a look at! Happy browsing!!