You can't ignore the news forever

I snapped. I'd been seeing so many articles pop up in my newsfeed for months and months, if not years, and bit by bit my faith in the news started to falter. I'd see stories about Lorde breaking up with her boyfriend, or a story about a teacher in the UK dating her student, and I'd realise my beloved concept of journalism had been thrown out the window. And then I'd make the mistake of reading the Facebook comments — all faith in humanity was gone. 

So, a few months ago, I made a pretty bold decision, and I unfollowed every single news outlet on my various social media platforms. No more NZ Herald updates, no more nasty Facebook comments to take up my emotional capacity! It was pure bliss for about a month. I wasn't overwhelmed by negativity. I didn't get angry at the reporting that I didn't consider to fall within the realms of news journalism. However, one thing did happen ...

I knew nothing. Any time someone asked me if I had heard about some major event happening, I'd just have to say no, or I only knew as much as the people on Twitter mentioned. I had no context, I wasn't coming up with my own opinion on current affairs. I was simply ignoring what was happening in the world around me. And as much as we definitely should do this sometimes, you really can't do this forever. 

So, today I have decided to do a bit of research and start following my favourite news outlets once more. No more rubbish, just legitimate news. I want the long-form, well-researched articles, the interviews, and the unfolding (actual) breaking news. I've managed to keep up with two sites that I think are producing excellent content, so I'm not completely out of the loop, but I'd love to add a few more to the mix just to get that well-rounded perspective.

Tell me your favourite news outlets in the comments below, and I may well just add them to my list!