Four reasons why you should read Wild


Recently, a friend sent me a link to a video that saw Marie Forleo interview Cheryl Strayed about making a living from writing. I sat down one afternoon and watched the 50-minute interview (which you can watch here) and I was completely sold. I figured out how to use the library again (super easy by the way), and requested Cheryl Strayed's book Wild. Now, yes, I am aware I am very late to the party with this one — Wild is already a movie, and I still haven't even seen that — but I've got to say my tardiness made no difference, as this book will absolutely stand the test of time. It's not just a story, it's Cheryl's memoir about the events in her life that occurred after her mother passed away. And here's why I think you need to read it:

It will make you think about your mum

When you're getting on with your everyday life, something very important can be put off until you're not so busy — and that's calling your parents. Wild really reminds you about how important your mum is, and puts into perspective the fact that she won't be around forever, so you really have to make the most of the time you have with her. 

In Wild, Cheryl Strayed's mother dies very young and leaves her having to pick up the pieces of her life while trying to keep the rest of her family together — she soon realises that it was her mother that was the central piece of the puzzle for her family to work, and without her it was very difficult to keep the family close any more. 

Make sure you make time for your mum, for all the little things as well as the big celebrations.

You'll kick-start that goal you've had in the back of your mind

In this case, Cheryl's big goal was to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Possibly not a goal that we all have in mind — especially considering most readers are in New Zealand — but the book really does make you feel like you should really start working towards that goal you've been dreaming up. Whether it's writing a book, getting a new job, moving to a different city — if it's something that you think will make your life better and make you happier, reading Wild will make you want to get started straight away.

It will put things into perspective

Someone forgot to give you trim milk instead of full-fat milk in your coffee? A shop sold out of the shirt you had your eye on before you could order it? Seriously, this book makes you realise how absolutely pointless these are to worry about. When all Cheryl had during Wild were the shoes on her feet, the clothes on her back, and a very slim selection of food items to choose from during her hike, it really makes you wonder why you're stressing out about so many little things.

It will give you something to look forward to

I was reading Wild in every single spare moment I had. I'd read it on the train home from work, which you can imagine is not an experience many people actually look forward too, so being able to read an amazing book while wasting nearly an hour of your life on public transport actually became something to look forward to. I also got really sick with food poisoning while I was reading this book, so knowing I had Wild to read and recover was definitely something worth waking up for!

If you've been inspired to read Wild, then you can grab your copy below — if you purchase via this link, it won't cost you any more, but I will get a small percentage, so in a way, you're also supporting Yarns!