Scheduling your life down to the minute


I've always understood the importance of time management — especially when there are constant deadlines thrown at you, and surprise urgent tasks — but now I'm really starting to knuckle down and organise my life to the minute. In order to fit in as much work and as much living into my days, I'm utilising several methods of scheduling in order to make sure I get all of my jobs down to a high quality — not just on deadline, but before deadline!

Last year I had a small daily planner, with a whole day to a page, except it just wasn't big enough. So this year I upgraded to an A4-sized daily planner — again with a day to a page. At the moment it's packed to the brim with my last few weeks' worth of full-time employment, and I can't wait to be able to flick through and see the days after that start filling up. 

At the same time as having a daily planner for the individual tasks, I also use Google Calendar to schedule all the places I need to be and when, and what tasks I want to do at specific times. Take last night for example. I had in my calendar that I would be travelling home from 5pm–6.30pm, and from 6.30pm until 7pm I needed to update a page on my website; from 7.30pm to 8pm I needed to come up with a strategy for why I wanted to transition into the freelance world (taking the advice from a webinar I watched yesterday), and then from 8pm onwards I had time to eat dinner, do some knitting, and watch some TV — I even managed to squeeze in some reading time. 

I'm really looking forward to being able to reclaim three hours of my day every work day, considering I'll no longer HAVE to travel all the way across Auckland at 6.30am and then again at 5pm in the evening. However, I know I'll get stir crazy sitting in my house for days at a time, so I am sure I'll be scheduling in regular trips around the city, and potentially the country. Scheduling is going to be so vital to my life over the next few months — and hopefully well into the future — and I'm super excited to see all the exciting tasks I'll be working on, and all the places I'll get to go!

Who lives by a schedule? How do you manage yours?