Surviving taking my baby to the vet

Buddy pre vet visit - relaxing on a very high chair

Buddy pre vet visit - relaxing on a very high chair

When it comes to the wellbeing of your pets, you just have to put your big girl pants on and ask your mum and dad for help.

It's a day I've been dreading for awhile now. I thought I'd managed to escape the task and pass it to Zak, but alas, he got really busy, so I had to somehow find some time in my crazy schedule to avoid several work meetings, secure myself a semi work from home day, and get my little cat Buddy to the vet for his VERY FIRST VISIT.

Now, we've discussed my anxiety and my fear of all animals before. So as you can imagine, the thought of bundling my little kitty into a cage, and going for a 20 MINUTE drive to the vet is not my idea of a good time. But do it I did ... with a little help from dad who dropped by to help me get Buddy into the cage. And then also more help from dad who talked to me the entire way from Manurewa to Drury to subside the panic attack I was experiencing as Buddy tried to lunge from his cage. And then also help from mum who took the return trip and talked to me the whole way from Drury to Manurewa with a very doped up Buddy semi lunging in the cage. 

It was truly awful.

The team at Drury's Town and Country Vet are literal angels. I was shaking when I carried Buddy into the vet, and Vicki at the reception was super lovely and had me relaxed in seconds. I then got to speak to a lovely nurse who told me exactly what was going to happen, reassured me everything was going to be OK. I gave her Buddy's life story. I told her practically every date that Buddy had sneezed or coughed, and she listened, didn't make me feel crazy, and even used her own crazy puppy lady anecdote to remind me I was normal.

When I picked Buddy up later that day, the lady that discharged Buddy was also amazing. She ran me through everything I needed to do to look after him when I got home. Which I obediently did, right after I got a glass of wine in my system. She confirmed that Buddy is around the one year mark, but told me that he's actually really small, when I've been so certain that he's going to be a big cat. That's fine by me — I love his teeny body and giant personality mixture.

So now, Buddy is snipped, chipped, and vaccinated and ready for a worry-free life of mixing and mingling with the kitty locals. Thank god that experience is over!

Note: I 100% recommend Drury Town and Country Vets. For someone like me, who's terrible when I'm anxious and nervous, they took really good care of Buddy and I. There was obviously a HUGE amount of love for the animals. The 20 minute drive with a lunging cat is totally worth it for their expertise. 

Buddy post vet visit - relaxing on a cosy towel on the floor

Buddy post vet visit - relaxing on a cosy towel on the floor

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