Full summer immersion initiated

It’s kicked off early this year and I’m spending every possible moment out soaking up the rays.

I never tan. It's just a fact of life that I've become used to. I burn, then I peel, then I go back to pasty. Put that record on repeat for the length of summer. 

However, in the last 12 days of summer, I'm tanning!! Thanks to working next to a stunning park, and being able to go for regular walks out in the sunshine, as well as beautiful weekends away exploring beaches and nature reserves, I'm getting quite the allocation of vitamin D!

This year's summer has already surpassed last year's summer in my eyes in terms of the number of actually clear sky, beautiful warm days - which isn't a great sign at all for climate change FYI. Although it may seem really lovely for us to be able to bask out in the sunshine, it's not the most ideal situation for our environment to have this sort of heat beaming down every day. But I'll leave that to my sister over at Briarphytes to explain at some stage as she's the environmental expert.

Although we don't have big plans to go away and explore all the beaches in the north island, like we say we'll do every year, I am planning on making the most of being near to home with plenty of day trips, and lots of beach adventures. If you know of any hidden gems I probably haven't been to yet, I'd love to hear about them! If there are likely to be cows along the way, maybe give me a heads up as I haven't fully recovered from the bull incident yet.

This summer will also be dedicated to me deciding on some really exciting topics that I want to start talking more about. I miss researching and coming up with some well pondered and created articles, so I'm going to dedicate some of my time to planning for some epic features for you to read right here on Yarns! The sun is so motivating, so I'm hoping that spending some time bathing in it will strike up some amazing ideas ... maybe there's a book inside my mind somewhere too!

What are your plans for this summer?

Lara x

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