Moving on from achieving your goals

What happens when you set yourself a life goal and then you achieve it faster than you thought you would?

Ever since I was really little, I always had one big goal in mind. I wanted to be an editor. Well, the opportunity for me to achieve that goal came around very early in my career, and by the age of 23 I was the editor of a magazine. Two years went by and I needed a change. But there was that little (tiny) voice in my head saying, But it was your dream, do you really want to end it?

Turns out that YES was the answer, and I can tell you I am super excited about the future. And I have some words of advice. Don't think of goals as limiting. Just because you may reach them sooner than expected doesn't mean you have to stay in that space forever. Sometimes our achievements can be fleeting, and we can jump into the next opportunity in the space of weeks or months, let alone years. So don't get hung up on time, just enjoy the experience.

The great thing about achieving your goals means there's time to make new ones! Now that I've ticked that big life goal off my list, I'm not limiting my goals to similar experiences. I have goals in the creative arts world, I have financial goals, I have business goals, and the constantly delayed fitness goals. The point is constantly setting new goals opens so many windows of opportunity that we could be revisiting, reworking, or achieving our goals almost weekly, if not daily!

So, just to show you how big or little your goals can be, here's a few of mine:

  1. Read 20 books in 2017 (tick!)
  2. Complete one round of 30 days of yoga
  3. Run my own business and be able to work anywhere

Now, here's a challenge for you! Jot down three goals you want to achieve at some stage. You can define your own time limit, or have no time limit at all! 

Happy goal setting and achieving!

Lara WyattLara's Life