There's something about secret santa

Photo by  Kari Shea

Photo by Kari Shea

When it’s done well, secret santa is such a wonderful way to kick off the christmas festivities!

Last night I had a one hour gap between getting off the train and having to be at the bar at the theatre. In that one hour I needed to sort out the gifts for two rounds of secret santa. One for a workmate and one for the #nzsecretsanta Twitter game.

The concept behind secret santa, if you don't already know, is that you get assigned a person who you may or may not know very well, and you're tasked with buying them a christmas present. The value of which is usually limited to around $10-$15. 

Some people view this game as a bit wasteful – and there's definitely an element of truth to that if you just get your person a bunch of crap. But there's also the opportunity to get to know the person better by finding out more about them and getting them something you think they'll really enjoy!

In my one hour of shopping time – which ended up being more like half an hour when you factor in the travelling to and from the shop — I managed to sort out the majority of the two gifts, and I'm pretty happy with both of them. The more urgent one I feel still needs more work, but that's what tomorrow's lunch break will be dedicated to!

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